The Lion King, Award Winning Show

Lion king trilogy

The award winning Lion King show made a West End appearance with a cast of more than 40 actors along with dancers and singers who transformed the theatre into a dazzling sight for thrilled audience members at the famous Lyceum Theatre. It is by no means an easy task to turn the animated classic into a stage show and fortunately, the Lion King show does not disappoint. The high level of success that the grand production enjoyed on Broadway was similarly reflected in London and continues to be a popular option for theatre enthusiasts. Tickets sell like hot cakes and the booked shows are evidence of the show’s popularity.

The story of the Lion King revolves around the unwitting character of Simba and the wrath that draws from his uncle Scar as soon as he is born. With Simba as a threat to Scar’s kingship, the rather wicked uncle makes it his life mission to get rid of both Simba and his principled father so as to secure the throne for himself. Although Simba manages to survive the evil plot of his uncle, it is believed that his father was not so lucky. When he grows up, he has to contend with difficult choices regarding whether or not he can salvage the kingdom he left behind.

Considering that Disney is the production giant behind the original film, expectations are understandably high and the show lives up to them. With great special effects and a dedicated cast, the show is lively and bright. Hit songs by musical legends such as Elton John contribute to the high quality of the show. Both children and adults are bound to enjoy the show that benefited from the acting prowess of Josette Bushell Mingo, who convincingly depicted Rafiki’s character. Ross Coates was the young star who brought out the charm of Simba as a child, while his father was played by Cornell John. Lion King tickets for the stage version of Lion King London will be a hot purchase as this promises to be a spectacular event that the whole family can enjoy. The challenge of bringing the animation to life was overcome with the use of beautifully designed costumes and superb performances.

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