Brake Caliper Painting Derby

How to Paint Your Brake Calipers

Have you ever took a second to admire your rims just to see those old, rusty calipers behind them. Have you ever wanted to add a little touch to your car to turn a couple more heads. All you have to do is Paint your calipers. It is simple, efficient, and it will save you money. This article will show you how to paint your brake calipers to give it exact color you want.
How to paint your brake calipers

  • High temperature engine paint
  • couple plastic bags
  • some tape
  • brake cleaner
    Step 1:
    Jack up the car and take off the wheels, if you only have 2 jack stands just do one side at a time, either the front or the back.
    Step 2:
    Clean the calipers thoroughly. Spray caliper with brake cleaner purchase from your local automotive store. 1 can should be good enough for all calipers. Then scrub it down, I recommend using a tooth brush or metal brush. It does not have to be spotless but clean it off as much as you can. Be aware that brake calipers contain brake dust on it. Brake Dust contains asbestos which can cause cancer. Anytime you operate near your brakes, take caution and where a mask.
    Step 3:
    Mask of the rest of the brake system with tape. Some people take the whole caliper off to paint them. It isn’t necessary, but it makes it easier to perform a better paint job. Just tape some plastic around the rotor and everything else you don’t want painted and you should be good. Here’s a shot of my rear brakes masked.
    Step 4:
    Painting. I used a High temperature engine paint to paint my calipers. I got mine at a local auto store called Kragens. Kragens also sells a Caliper paint kit that supplies all the materials needed. Be sure to allow a 10-15 minutes drying period in between coats. When you’ve got the calipers the color you want, let it dry for a good hour. Some people actually use clear coat at the end. A can of High temperature engine paint only runs about 5 dollars and Duplicolor’s paint kit costs roughly 20 dollars. If it starts fading, just spray on another coat. It shouldn’t be a problem though, seeing as the paint is made to withstand very high temperatures.
    Step 5:
    Put your wheels back on and floss your painted calipers. Here’s a picture of my front calipers. This entire process should only take a couple hours, but take your time because quality is best.

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