Airlie Beach Accommodation

airlie beach accommodation

Explore Airlie Beach in the Whitsunday Area of Queensland

After you have booked your Airlie Beach accommodation you can look forward to unwinding in this gorgeous part of the world. Airlie Beach is a small, but lively town in the Whitsunday area of Queensland in Australia. It has a relatively small population of less than 3,000. The town is an access point to the Great Barrier Reef. A boat trip will get you there in 2-3 hours.
Airlie Beach has a tropical climate. Summers are humid, wet and hot, with day time temperatures hardly ever dropping below the 25C mark. Summer nights are warm and balmy. Although winter is cooler and less humid, the temperatures stay warm day and night. It can get quite cool if a cold front system passes through.

The town is a popular holiday destination especially with backpackers. From November to May, the sea is populated with nasty stinging jellyfish. This means that swimming is not possible. To compensate, there is a lovely man-made lagoon on the foreshore. It holds 5 million liters of self-chlorinated fresh water.

If you’re looking for action and adventure, or comfort and relaxation, you’ll find it at Airlie Beach. This picturesque town is located on a peninsula that stretches across to the Whitsunday waters. It therefore provides a great base for many holiday activities on the mainland, the nearby islands, or in the Whitsunday waters.

The Crocodile Safari is a highly recommended day trip. This will take you to the wild parts of the Whitsunday area. To begin with, a tractor drawn train will take you to the Goorganga Wetlands. After this, a boat will collect you for a trip along the calm Prosperpine River.

You will see crocodiles lurking in the estuaries plus lots of other wildlife. After this you can taste real ‘bush tucker’ fare. This is what Australians call the ethnic food that Aboriginals have been eating for over 50,000 years. Some of the ingredients include flowers, spices, fruits, herbs and even birds, reptiles and insects. If you’re not too keen on this, don’t worry because there’s a delicious seafood spread and a barbecue waiting for you!

The Airlie Beach region offers spectacular diving conditions. Take a diving trip and see the wreck of the SS Yongala, then proceed to the Great Barrier Reef. Diving trips cater for any level of experience. People who have never dived before can take training lessons.

Accomplished divers will really be able to appreciate the sensational ocean aquatic life. The temperature of the water is about 20-25 degrees Celsius, with visibility around 15 to 25 meters. When you’re down there, the wealth of fish life and coral formations are spectacular.

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